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Created 23-Aug-20
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Just in time for the Holidays! These prints have been mounted with a protective coating on an 8x10 cradle block. Easy to hang, and easy to mix and match.
Colorful displays guaranteed to liven up the wall!

Originall artwork by Patricia J Dennis
All transactions are between the artist and buyer
40.00 ea

Trivots $20.00
Coaster Set $25.00

The buyer will be responsible for any shipping charges.

Contact me at Pdennisphotos@gmail with your selection
Payment to be done through PayPal

San Jose Womens Club Member? Let me know.
PatriciaDPhoto-1Pdennisphoto blockOUT OF STOCK  8x10 wood block Pdennis  GateOUT OF STOCK 8x10  wood block Garden Walk8x10 wood block bright and beautiful-28x10 wood block blackswallowtail8x10 wood block Butterfly marble green8x10 wood bloc Tigermoth8x10 wood  Tiger moth  orange8x10 wood block Delightful DahliaOUT OF STOCK 8x10 wood block Roses8x10 wood block Hummer OUT OF STOCK8x10 wood block Hummer 28x10 wood block Broad bill hummingbird8x10 wood block Peaceful Beach OUT OF STOCK8x10 wood block Half Moon Bay harbor8x10 wood block PillarPoint Lighthouse8x10 wood block Beach funOUT OF STOCK 8x10 wood block Pelican8x10 block Elf Owl

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