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Return to Freedom
Wild horse sanctuary in Lompoc California

What a treat this was to be able to view the different herds that this
organization was able to help. First thing I learned was that all
wild horses are classified as Mustangs. It is not a separate breed of horse.

With this in mind, it was obvious that the horses of ‘Freedom’ came from many
backgrounds. The elegant high stepping ones with long flowing manes to the roman nosed look. One pinto stallion Tomahawk had that ‘bad boy look’ and he was quite the instigator riling his herd up.

I was intrigured how many herds there were on this 500acre property and that the stallions ran together. All horses were ‘intact’ but were on ‘birth control’ to prevent multiplying. We only saw one filly that was born to an unreceptive to BC. All of these horses are available to sponser- and some are available for adoption. Go for the photography or simply for the tour of the area, its well worth it.
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